In order to have a tenor in all spiritual activities pursued at each of the catholic parishes,  a capable and compassionate ‘General’ to spearhead the legion is a must. In our parish, we are gifted to have such a ‘General’ in the form of our Vicar Forane – Rector and the legion. The following are the other members of the clergy who are filled with Holy-Spirit and render appreciable services:

Rev. Fr. L. Joseph – Assistant Parish Priest

Rev. Fr. P. John Paul – Assistant Parish Priest

Rev. Fr. A. Anand RajDirector of Bishop David  Boys’ Home 

Rev. Fr. Y. Antony RajSpiritual  Consultant


Priests’  Home

Rev. Fr. A. Philominraj

Rev. Fr. K. P. Kurian

Rev. Fr. K. O. Abraham

Rev. Fr. M. Rayappa

Rev. Fr. R. Fathimanathan

Rev. Fr. L. Joseph Julian

Rev. Fr. S. Anthony Buddhan